The battle scenes in modern sci-fi movies are incredible works of art, mother ships and cruisers with the heroes being the small and feisty fighter craft.

My own models are made from everyday objects and usually measure around 40-60 cm in length. After each model has been constructed they are air-brushed and then photographed in several positions against a plain black sheet of board.

All lighting and additional detail is achieved using Photoshop.A selected image is carefully cut out  and saved as an EPS. You then take a black backdrop image  and start to create your star and planet detail using  elipse and airbrush tools.

Once you have created an interesting backdrop simply place your models in suitable positions using the layer facility and then the rubber tool for cleaning profiles. Finish off with the blend tool and flatten all layers when you are satisfied with your design.


Copyright; Alan Price  Mycosmos Images  All rights reserved

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